Winterize my vehicle?

Winter Tires in Edmonton

We have heard of winterizing the plumbing, the air conditioning system, the pools and boats, but what about our vehicles?

Yes, your vehicle should be winterized also, in its own way!

Several systems in your vehicle could use a special inspection come this time of year, “before the frost is on the pumpkin,” as George says.

Besides your heat/defroster and your four-wheel drive system the following are some other items to have checked this fall…


Have you been putting off tire replacement?  The winter is no time to find out just how bad your tires are!!!


Do not wait until the coldest day of the year to find out how much life your battery has left!

***Mention this BLOG POST & receive a FREE battery check this November or December!***

How are your brakes?

Ready for the fall & winter rain and snow conditions?

From brake pads to brake lines, Bay Trans has you covered on brake repairs!!!


Check your wipers regularly!!!


Fluids need to be clean and full at all times!

Make sure to get your vehicle winter ready before this beautiful fall weather disappears!


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