Welcome to Bay Transmissions

Bay Transmissions opened the doors back in 1976 in a little shop with a tent on the side – emphasis on transmissions. baytrans

We have come a long way in the nearly four decades since!

Bay Transmissions, located at 560 East Bay Avenue in Manahawkin, New Jersey, is now your one stop shop for all of your car (and truck) care needs!  We have added on to the little shop over the years, even adding a large, child friendly, waiting area!  We invite you to pay us a visit and see how we can help you.  While we specialize in transmissions we are equipped with the proper technicians and tools to assist you in the complete care of your vehicle.

Although it may not be typical of an automotive repair shop to start a blog, Bay Transmissions is always trying to provide extraordinary service, improve customer relations and be helpful to those who may not know the A to Z about vehicle.  WAIT

We welcome you to Bay Transmissions, even if only via the internet, for the time being…

Visit Ocean County’s Most Trusted Today!

Live & in person   @   560 East Bay Avenue, Manahawkin, NJ   (exit 63 off the GSP)

You can give us a call   @   609-597-1896

You could also visit our website    @    baytransmission.com

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